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Dear Baby Girl, We’ll Meet You Tomorrow

January 13, 2020

Dear Baby Girl,

While I feel like we’ve been expecting your arrival for a very long time, I can’t believe we are so close to actually holding you in our arms! Tomorrow morning, your Dad and I will arrive at the hospital and will begin the process of meeting you. We’ve been through this experience once before, with your big brother, but it still feels surreal and so exciting. We have been anticipating your arrival since we found out you were growing in my belly back in May, right after your Dad and I celebrated our eighth wedding anniversary. Once we rang in 2019, we were ready to start trying for a second baby and we are so happy that God blessed us with you just a few months later. You’ve been growing so strong over the past nine months and we are so proud of you! Your Dad and I thought you were a girl from the very beginning and your anatomy scan in September revealed our suspicions to be true. We are so excited to have a daughter and for James to have a little sister! We have been thinking about you, dreaming about your future, imagining who you are, deciding on a name, and have been praying for your development. 

Your Dad’s name is David and my name is Michelle. We are both 30 years old and we live in Tampa, Florida with your big brother James. He is two and a half years old and currently loves fire trucks, books, moving nonstop, and Curious George. He calls you “bobby” and is eagerly waiting your arrival so he can make you laugh and have a buddy in the backseat. Your Dad and I met in high school, we were just teenagers when we started dating. Your Dad asked me to be his girlfriend on a summer beach day in 2005 and I’m so glad he did! We dated for two years of high school, then went to different schools for college but we couldn’t stay apart for much longer. We had a beautiful wedding the weekend after college graduation and started our married life together in May of 2011. We’ll tell you more about us once you’re here but a few quick facts are that your Dad can solve any problem (especially on a computer), I was a Kindergarten teacher and now have a photography business, we lived in Italy for half a year and now, we start every day with a delicioso cappuccino brewed in our kitchen, we love the mountains, and we love Jesus. 

Once you arrive, we’ll spend a few days in the hospital  together but then we’ll bring you home. James has so many fun toys and books that he can’t wait to share with you! You are already so loved and have drawers full of clothes, bows, blankets, and so much more that our friends and family got for you.  Your Dad, brother and I aren’t the only ones excited to meet you. You also have a grandma Sunshine (my mom), Mango and Papaya (Dad’s parents), and lots of Aunties and Uncles! Auntie Rissa and Uncle Jon live in Orlando with your older cousins Faith and Lily. They can’t wait to play with you! You have Auntie Katie and Uncle Nic with their sweet little girls Laila and Quinn, Auntie Em and Uncle Doctor with their furry child Samson, and Auntie Hannah and Uncle Mike. You have a Great Aunt Kathy and cousins Chad and Alissa. You also have family members in Heaven who are watching over you and love you from afar. And we have so many wonderful friends at church, in our play group, and scattered around the country that feel like family. 

Something special that you have in common with both your Dad and I are that we are all second children. You have the advantage of having somewhat experienced parents and that we aren’t totally clueless about what we’re doing. 🙂 But you are special, you are our first girl! We are excited to see the similarities and differences between you and James. Your Dad and I promise to take good care of you and to love you with our whole hearts. We will take you on adventures, read countless books with you, pursue your interests, provide a safe home, and pray for you constantly. 

Our family is going to change in the best way tomorrow morning. We are praying for you, for a healthy, strong baby as you enter the world. It will be scary to transition from inside my cozy belly to this big, bright world but we’ll be there with you every step of the way. The first person you meet will be my wonderful doctor who has been taking care of us as you’ve been growing. He is ready to help you enter the world! Then, you’ll be passed over to us – your Dad and I will be on the other side of the curtain, with tears in our eyes and the biggest smiles on our faces. We are so ready. See you soon, baby girl!

Thank you Cara Reel Photography for these beautiful maternity photos!

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