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Behind the Scenes in 2014

December 31, 2014

Happy last day of 2014! Our year was full of incredible adventures and beautiful photographs! We started our year with beautiful weddings in Central Florida, lots of gorgeous engagement sessions in the summer, and spent the second half of the year shooting in New York. We navigated our way through Central Park, photographed in front of the NYC skyline at sunset, and froze our fingers during a winter wedding. SO many new experiences in 2014. Thank you to all of our 2014 clients. Thank you for inviting us to document these extremely important moments and for trusting us to provide you with beautiful images. We are honored to do this job. Before we ring in the new year, I wanted to reflect back on this past year and share some behind the scenes photos of Michelle Stoker Photography. Here’s a look back at David and I working in 2014…

Who knew that we’d be shooting in SNOW and on a NYC metro this year??

“Ok, I know our fingers and toes and entire bodies are frozen but let’s just get a few more shots!”

David, you look a little too natural holding that gorg purse!

I remember having to snap myself out of that huge smile and remember to do my job. Kathryn was just so beautiful and happy!

“Don’t drop the dress…..don’t drop the dress….” “Yes! I didn’t drop it!! Look at me wifey!”

Thank you gigantic Florida bush for keeping me hidden during the ceremony!
“My shoes are cute, too! Can I join in?”

Ok, only included this one because my long wavy hair looks GOOD.

Changing lenses while walking is always a little scary. Eeek!
Sometimes I allow David to have a short sit break but only after he takes a million perfect cake shots!

“Come on, you two, just a littttle closer.”
My favorite photo booth pose!

My zoolander hubby. What a stud!
After a very wet Florida rainstorm, these girls still look good!

Wake up, sleepy groom! It’s First Look time!!

During our Styled Shoot with Emily and Thomas at Emily Katharine Photography… summer mornings in Florida = HOT.

How many photographers does it take to photograph a styled table of lemons? Ha!
Yep, we needed one more… This was such a fun day.

The day that Emily and Thomas eloped!! Kidding!!!

We love them.

Dresses hanging on big sturdy branches make me happy.

Engagement session on a paddleboard on the beach?? So fun.

I looooved shooting in crowded and crazy Central Park. Didn’t expect to have any competition. Notice girl in white shirt with her camera!

This is me thinking: “Ok, it got dark REALLY fast. Just keep smiling and shooting!!”

Sorry if I got a little too close, Jake!!

But it was worth it!!

“Can you sweet newlyweds scoot over? I wanna turn in the hammock!”

“Quick, David! Get a shot of me with this gorgeous bouquet. I want it!!”

True or False: A wedding was taking place on this same pier about 20 feet away from us. TRUE.

Larin, I think I had a fascination with your hair….

I couldn’t keep my hands off.

” I feel like I’ve seen these people before…”

2014, you were an incredible year full of wonderful experiences. Thank you all for following along on our journey! Here’s to a new year!

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