Baby James Michelle and David

We’re having another baby!

July 25, 2019

We are so excited to share that our family will be welcoming a precious new baby in January! James is going to be a big brother and we are going to be parents to two!! You probably made your way here through one of our announcement posts. Thank you for sharing in our excitement! Here are more details about our journey so far! Continue Reading

Family Tampa

Kate and Jude – Tampa Family Photography

July 23, 2019

Westchase Family Photography

Do you follow @busytoddler on Instagram? The sweet mama behind that account has started a movement called #proofofmom with the whole purpose of getting moms in front of the camera! It doesn’t matter if you’re in a fancy outfit with makeup on or in workout clothes and three day old hair. The goal is to capture moments and memories with your kids. I love it. For Mother’s Day, I did a Mommy & Me photo session giveaway on Instagram to help further the proof of mom movement. I had so many wonderful women enter the contest and I was so excited when Kate, my new friend from our local children’s gym, won! She has an adorable son named Jude that’s just a little younger than my James. I joined Kate and Jude at their house for a lifestyle family session. These two played with blocks, cars, toys, and read books in the rocking chair. We did all of Jude’s favorite things in his room and we created such sweet memories! We got proof of mom!! I loved this session and hope to do many more just like it in the future!! 

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Emmett – Fort Myers Newborn Photography

July 16, 2019

Fort Myers Family Newborn Photography

Do you have a longtime friend that you may not see for a year or two but then when you do, it’s like no time has passed? Kara is that person for me. We first met in high school when I was 13. She has the kindest, most encouraging, gentle heart with a side of sass and humor. We spent our high school years (only 3, since she’s one year older than me!) laughing, creating yearbooks, having sleepovers, going to youth group, and making so many memories together. Kara moved to Fort Myers after high school graduation for college and later met her future husband, John. They now live in beautiful, sunny Fort Myers with their handsome little man JJ and their newest addition, Emmett. Two beautiful boys under two! Kara is supermama! I wish we lived closer so that our boys could play together more but it was such a treat to go on a little road trip last month so that I could photograph this sweet family. Congratulations, Kara and John, your family is perfect and we are so excited for you!! 

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Family Tampa

Megan and Sophie – Tampa Family Photographer

June 28, 2019

Tampa Mommy and Me Photos

I am so glad that Megan reached out for some Mommy & Me photos with her sweet daughter Sophie, who just turned one! As a mom, Megan knew it was rare for her to actually be IN the photos. She took action, contacted me and said “I want to be in the photos with my daughter!” YES! We got together at Armature Works and had so much fun! Sophie is the sweetest little lady. It was so much fun documenting this sweet duo!  Continue Reading