Married: Anna and Martin – Anniversary

June 9, 2014

One year ago, on June 9, 2013, Anna and Martin committed their lives to each other in a beautiful outdoor ceremony in Delray Beach, Florida. Anna and Martin were both so relaxed and elated to start their wedding day! Their ceremony was beautiful and the reception was so fun! To celebrate their first anniversary, I asked the happy newlyweds to look back on their wedding pictures and to pick a few that mean a lot to them.

“We love a couple of photos- the first one is our first kiss. We love this photo because not only was it our first kiss as husband and wife, but it captures our family and friends in the background. Our wedding was so much fun because of the people who celebrated with us and I was glad that they were a part of this special picture too!

We also love our pictures as just the bride and groom. We loved the scenery of our venue! This picture captured our venue really well with the big tree and sunset as the background. It was a beautiful day and this picture portrayed it very well!

Lastly, we love our wedding party pictures! We had THE BEST wedding party in the world and we had a lot of fun taking these pictures. We were so glad that these special people were able to be part of our wedding!”

Happy first anniversary, Anna and Martin! Thank you again for letting us document your beautiful wedding day.

You can view the original blog post with full wedding images – Part One and Part Two!

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