Michelle and David Personal Tampa Wedding

Our 5 Year Anniversary

May 12, 2016

Five years. Five years since we walked down the aisle, hand-in-hand, as the new Mr. and Mrs. Stoker. On a Friday the 13th, in an old rustic train depot, David and I promised our whole heart and our future to each other. We were young, fresh out of college, excited newlyweds ready to take on life together. We were anxious, slightly overwhelmed but completely ready to start our married life. And now here we are, five years later. I could never describe what these past five years have meant to me. We have explored the world, lived in 5 different cities and still enjoyed many nights at home on the couch together. Our I do has become We Still Do. We still promise to be a loving, supportive spouse that actively pursues one another. We still say thank you for cooking dinner and we take turns doing laundry. We still get excited about date nights and the opportunity to do something new. We still promise to be each other’s #1 supporter. We still do.

THANK YOU to my talented friends Emily and Thomas for these ah-maz-ing film images of us celebrating our anniversary. We met on a sunny Sunday morning and explored Philippe Park until we found the perfect spot to read our vows to each other again.  Scroll down for my favorite photos from the session and a little Q&A with yours truly.

Photography: Emily Katharine Photography
Hair and Make Up: Joanna Lanzi
Dress: Macy’s
Location: Philippe Park
Flowers: Trader Joe’s
What is a piece of advice for engaged couples and newlyweds?
D: Take advantage of any adventure opportunities in your early marriage. Travel together, see new things, have new experiences together.
M: Do what makes you happy, together. Make quality time a priority!What was a memorable moment from our wedding?
D: I started my vows by saying “First off, you look absolutely stunning tonight” and you in your typical giggly-ness, smiled and said “Oooh, thanks!!” and all of our guests laughed.
M: I will always remember our First Look when we had that private time of just us two. I’ve never seen you smile bigger!What surprised you about our wedding day?
D: That we had no appetite. The unknown of the day and the excitement was more overwhelming than any hunger.
M: The time went by so fast! It felt like we were announced as husband and wife, we got down on the dance floor and before we knew it, it was time to go.Looking back, how do you feel about getting married so young?
D: Good! We’re still young and we have already had 5 years together of just us two. We’ve really taken advantage of our younger years together.
M: I was so ready to marry you. But looking back, it is a little crazy that we got married at 22 and 21 but we knew it was the right choice then and I still firmly believe it now.How have you seen God work in our marriage?
D: He has opened many unique doors and led the way. Our travels and experiences have brought us closer together.
M: He is our most common ground and our solid foundation. He has lovingly intertwined our hearts over the years as we’ve grown as husband and wife.What are 3 random, special memories from the past five years?
D: Backpacking across Europe for our one year anniversary, climbing a 14er in Colorado, all of the Gator football games
M: Photographing our first wedding together, ice skating in NYC on Christmas, eating pescatarian for a year
What do you hope for in the next 5 years?
D: Hopefully starting a family and more international travel.
M: Baby(ies), our own place to call home, more travel, and maaaaybe a puppy!

A behind the scenes shot of our amazing photographer!! Thank you Emily! xoxo

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