Married: Trezure and Seth – Anniversary

November 3, 2013

One year ago, on November 2, 2012, Trezure and Seth became husband and wife. Trezure and Seth held their wedding at the Hobson Auditorium at the First Baptist Church in Jacksonville and the party continued at Laytn’s Land-n in nearby Yulee, Florida. One year later, we are wishing them the happiest first anniversary!! I asked Trezure and Seth to choose their favorite wedding picture and express why it so meaningful to them.

“We love this picture because it is a replica of our of our favorite engagement pictures that Mich took. The pose is exactly the same from our engagement picture, just fast forward seven months to our wedding day, a white dress, tuxedo and even bigger smiles! I love the smile on Seth’s face in this picture and it is just a reminder of how happy our wedding day was and what sweet memories were made that day that we will always cherish.”

Here is the engagement picture that we took seven months prior to their wedding.

Trezure and Seth had another favorite photo that brings back happy memories from their wedding day!

“Our other two favorite photos (or collages I should say) are the ones with myself and the bridesmaids and Seth and his groomsmen. Our wedding day would not have been as memorable without our closest friends and family there to share the laughs, smiles and tears with. It makes me smile to see all the personalities of our friends captured in these special pictures.”

Happy Anniversary, Trezure and Seth! Thank you again for letting us document your beautiful wedding day.

You can view Trezure and Seth’s wedding blog post here (part one) and here (part two).

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