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European Weekend Trips

August 15, 2017

One of my favorite stages of life will always be the 5 months that David and I lived in Milan, Italy. We were fortunate to be sent there for a rotation with David’s job from February through June of 2015. David was immersed in the Italian culture in his new office and my “job” was planning our weekend trips. I happily did that almost every weekday morning at my favorite coffee shop drinking a cappuccino and eating a fresh pastry. We knew we wanted to take advantage of our time in Europe so we planned trips almost every weekend. Ahh, that was the life. We had three other friends (David’s co-workers) living across Europe during the same time so we got to do some traveling together. It was such a fun experience! I’m so glad that I lugged my camera around and documented our trips on the blog. My favorite places we visited were Switzerland, Ireland, and Tuscany! Here is a collection of our travels across Europe. Click on each city’s name to see the full blog post. Can’t wait to go back!

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Behind the Scenes in 2015

December 23, 2015

Personally, 2015 was an epic year for us. We rang in the new year on the freezing streets of NYC and spent all of January finishing up David’s rotation in the Big Apple. Then, on Valentine’s Day, we flew across the Atlantic to our temporary home (but forever in our hearts) Milan, Italy. We spent the Spring exploring Europe and traveling every weekend. Still can’t believe all of the countries we visited! This summer, we embarked on a three-week Western USA road trip to Utah, Nevada, and California. The Grand Canyon, Las Vegas, Pacific Coast Highway, Napa. #murica. Finally, in August, we settled back into our home and life in Tampa. It was a surreal year for us. This was definitely the year of travel but of course, we still found time to get our hands on our cameras and document beautiful places and people! This is one of my favorite posts of the year – the Behind the Scenes photos of us working!

Here’s a look back at 2014 and 2013. Enjoy!

Full disclaimer: If you hire me as your wedding photographer, I will take advantage of your dance floor!
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Krissi and Simone – Milan, Italy Portraits

July 25, 2015

My new friend, her Italian boyfriend, red wine, and Milan’s biggest park was the perfect mix for this session. I met Krissi a few weeks after moving to Milan through an expat Facebook group. We met for cappuccinos and instantly hit it off. For the following months, we adventured through Milan together and took each other to our favorite spots. She kept telling me about her Italian boyfriend, Simone, and how she would spend the weekends with him and his family. She told me stories of how they met through an Italian exchange student that stayed with her family in high school. After talking on the phone and video chatting, Simone flew to America to meet Krissi and her family. It was definitely love at first sight… they’ve been together ever since! After dating long distance, Krissi decided to move to Milan to work as an au pair and to be closer to Simone. Now, they are doing life together in Italy. I love it!
I hope you enjoy these photos of my favorite American and Italian couple at Parco Sempione in Milan, Italy.
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A Decade with David

July 4, 2015

Happy 4th of July! As I write this, I am sitting in my parent’s house in sunny Orlando. I am back in the States! I flew home from Milan on Tuesday night to spend some extra time with my family. The 4th of July is always a special day for David and I because we started dating on this day in 2005. That’s right…. TEN years ago! It has been a DECADE of doing life with my handsome husband. David awkwardly (you know it’s true, boo) asked me to be his girlfriend on the sandy shore of Cocoa Beach and then we spent the evening enjoying the fireworks in Avalon Park. This was the summer before our junior year of high school and we have been together ever since! I have truly loved all of our experiences, adventures, and major life moments that I’ve spent with this man. David, I love you. Thank you for supporting me, pushing me, and always making me laugh. I can’t wait to do the rest of life with you. Here’s a look back at the past ten years…

2005 – We flirted like crazy for the first half of the year and then became official in July. I loved going on group dates with friends, trying on vintage clothes and dancing in Goodwill, and getting ice cream after school. We had so much fun together as teenagers!

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Europe Travel: Paris, France

June 22, 2015

I am so excited to share our weekend in Paris! We met our friends on Friday afternoon in the City of Light and all stayed in Kevin’s apartment. We toured the major sights and enjoyed so many great experiences. My favorite things were climbing the stairs up the Eiffel Tower on Friday night and getting a beautiful view of Paris from the second level. I also loved doing a river cruise along the Seine River and getting to see the sights all lit up at night. We enjoyed buttery French pastries, fresh baguettes and delicious meals. I even got to pose my beautiful friend, Stephanie, for some quick photos in a beautifully lit Parisian park. This was our fifth, and final, weekend traveling with our co-worker friends in Europe. I have truly loved exploring Brussels, Dublin, London, Milan, and Paris with this crew!
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