Engagement New York

Stephanie and Jake – New York City Engagement

September 4, 2014

David and I have the incredible opportunity to experience life in NYC for 6 months due to his job, a rotational leadership program.  Stephanie, the beautiful blondie you’re about to see, is one of David’s co-workers who is also in the rotational program. When she asked me to photograph her and Jake in New York City, I was SO excited! I had butterflies all day leading up their session. Me, shooting in Central Park??? I couldn’t believe it! Our session in the city was everything I hoped for… crazy, full of tourists, lots of walking, a cab ride, and of course, SO much fun! Stephanie and Jake are perfect together. Such a sweet and fun couple! They were so patient and accommodating when our plans had to change due to an out of service subway. We made it work and we created some beautiful images! Happy engagement, Stephanie and Jake! I hope you all enjoy these photos, they are some of my favorites!  

And a few behind the scenes shots taken by David! Love how the girl in the white shirt is taking a picture of Steph and Jake! I had some competition! Jake carried that heavy blue duffel bag with us all over the city. It held their second outfit, extra shoes, and snacks! Gotta keep the men happy and full! This is how I got the last shot (3 above) of Steph and Jake! By the way, how gorgeous is the back of her dress?!

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